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December 15, 2011
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*The Benny Hill Theme Starts To Play* Welcome to INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRES!! Here's your host Violet Wildscar!!!!!!!!!
Violet: Hi everyone!!! And welcome to INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRES!!!, today we have Zero Kiryu Yuki Cross & Kaname Kuran!!!!
*Zero Yuki And Kaname come out and walk on stage and the crowd goes wild for all three of them *
Violet: Hello Zero*shakes hand* Hi Yuki*shakes hand* Yo Kaname*shakes hand*
Zero: Hi
Yuki: Hello!
Kaname: Good evening
Violet: My name's Violet Wildscar but please call me Violet
Yuki: Kay soooo Violet what're we here for anyways?
Violet: Well I'm gonna ask some questions and you guys are gonna answer them
Zero: Okay
Yuki: Alright
Kaname: Right
Violet: Question #1 Are you in love with someone?
Yuki: Y-Yeah
Kaname: Of course
Violet: Who is that lucky man or woman?
Yuki: Well it's a guy
Kaname: Her name is Yuki
Violet: O_O wow right out the door….Okay next question, Question #2 Do you hate someone?
Zero: For me it's vampires…..And Kaname
Yuki: The day class rep
Kaname:………My uncle
Violet: You hate your uncle?
Kaname: Yes
Violet: What he ever do to you?
Kaname: He killed my parents
Violet: Ookay then…………………….Next question
Violet: Question#3 Do you have something you want to tell your friend lover boyfriend girlfriend enemy or family member?
Zero: I would tell Kaname to go fuck himself and leave me the hell alone!
Yuki: I would tell the day class rep to get a life
Kaname: I Would tell Yuki I love her
Violet: Okay looks like the questions are getting no where let's try something new shall we? Let's try…….Some dares? What do you guys say? Zero? Yuki? Kaname?
Zero: Okay
Yuki: Yay sounds like fun!
Kaname: Alright then
Violet: Let's see what kind of dares do we have today? Aha! Okay you guys ready?
Zero: Yeah
Yuki: Of Course!
Kaname: Yes
Violet: Alright then let's start! Dare #1 Zero I dare you to……To shoot all of the targets simple right?
Zero: Sure I'll give it a try
Yuki: GO ZERO GO!!
Kaname: This should be entertaining
Violet: Okay Zero start in 3 2 1 NOW!
Zero:*pulls out gun and shoots all of the targets*
Violet: Awesome!! What do you say Yuki?
Yuki: 10 OUTTA 10!!
Violet: *faceplams* Yuki we AREN'T scoring him on it all he needed to do was shoot them all and that was it
Yuki: We aren't? why not?!
Violet: I dunno it's just well we're not scoring him that's all
Yuki: But we should!
Violet: No we shouldn't Yuki that wouldn't be right!
Yuki: It'll make it more interesting!
Violet:*sighs*Fiiiiine we'll score him if it'll make you happy
Yuki: Yay!!
Violet: Kaname I don't know what and I mean WHAT you see in her
Kaname: It's my secret
Violet: I wish I knew I really do
Violet: Okay next dare, dare #2 Yuki I dare you to do a stage dive
Yuki: Umm what's a "Stage dive?"
Violet: Okay I'll do one just to show you what a stage dive is okay?
Yuki: Alright
Violet: Okay Yuki watch me now okay?*jumps off stage and lands on feet* there it's simple
Yuki: That looked liked fun! Okay now it's my turn!*runs and jumps off the stage and lands on her feet* woo hoo that was fun!
Violet: So Zero Kaname should we score her on her landing or not?
Zero: No I don't think so
Kaname: No
Violet: Okay then *get's back on stage* the next dare is for Kaname
Yuki: Yay Kaname you get a turn!
Zero: Great…Not
Violet: Okay Kaname I dare you to*looks to the right and see's the day class rep on the stage* who in the bloody hell are you?
Kaseumi: I'm here to see Zero and Yuki
Violet: Not on my show your not
Kaseumi: I need to tell them something---*gets grabbed by Violet(Me)* Eek
Violet: If I hadn't promised my director that I wouldn't kill anybody on this stage I would kill you! Now get off my stage before I make you a permanent mark on the stage floor
Kaseumi: Is that a treat?
Violet: No *pulls out Deathblade and puts it on his neck* It's a promise
Kaseumi: AHHHHHHHHH!!!*runs off stage and out of the building XD)
Zero: Wow nice job Violet
Kaname: Would you really do it Violet?
Violet: Yep I would on live television to and right in front of all the people here
Kaname: Impressive
Violet: Why thank you Kaname
Yuki:*glomps Violet* WAY TO GO!
Violet: Hahaha
Zero:*high-fives Violet* Nice job Violet
Violet: Nothin to it Zero nothin to it
Violet: Okay Kaname time for you to do your dare and then we'll be off
Kaname: Right
Violet: I dare you to a backfilp off stage
Kaname: Easy*backfilps off stage and lands on his feet* there
Violet: Alright get back up here Kaname*holds out hand* c'mon I'll pull ya up
Kaname: Thank you*takes hand*
Violet: No problem*pulls Kaname back up on stage* Alright everybody thank you so much for joining us and make sure to tune in next time for INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRES!! Cause next time we'll Have Kaien Cross and Toga Yagari joining us next time on INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRES goodnight everyone!
*The Benny Hill Theme Starts Playing*
I do not own Vampire Knight or itís characters the characters belong to Matsuri Hino not me, Violet Wildscar belongs to me and her sword belongs to the one who made it I donít know who but the rights go to whoever they are,

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awsome! I LOVE ZERO!
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Thanks i'm glad you liked it:hug:, Me also love Zero:highfive:
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OMG i think im in love <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna watch you now!!! I'm friends with :iconsandstone747:L
THEGAMER247 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2011
well i'm glad you like it!:hug: and i'll see what i can come up with for the next one
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